Saturday, April 4, 2009

Gerald Raunig at Serial Space

"AND is neither one thing nor the other, it's always in-between, between two things; it's the borderline, there's always a border, a line of flight or flow, only we don't see it, because it's the least perceptible of things. And yet it's along this line of flight that things come to pass, becomings evolve, revolutions take shape" - Gilles Deleuze

Gerald Raunig, a philosopher, art theoretician and activist from Vienna is coming to Sydney for a conference at Artspace. He wants to engage in a more in depth and informal meeting with artists and activists from Sydney and is holding a free workshop, presented by You Are Here, to discuss his ideas on Friday April 10th at Serial Space. Gerald is the author of the book "Art and Revolution - Transversal Activism in the Long Twentieth Century" and will be giving two presentations from this book followed by discussions/debate/questions. Gerald has played an important role in maintaining several bilingual websites which have discussed important issues for artists and activists including republicart ( and transform ( and has been one of the key theorists of the cultural significance of the counter-globalisation movement.

The workshop runs from 1-6pm Friday April 10, for a full workshop program go here.