Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Socialist Colony

Here is an exhibition I am participating in in Texas next year:

Whereas an investigation has shown that during the Republic of Texas Archive War, one box of records was lost when the archives were violently seized by an armed militia-- in all the boxes that remained, there was no record of who owned the land that the building at 3400 Montrose Boulevard stands on; it was originally deeded to Benjamin Lovell and John Purnell for the purpose of starting a Socialist colony, before the land was sold. With the official record for the transfer lost, the new owners had no choice but to reclaim their property through adverse possession; however legally the terms of the original deed take precedent.

Now, the Skydive Office of Cultural Affairs offers the possibilities afforded by this clerical mishap to the public and to assist interested parties in developing proposals to bring the original intention of this land to fruition and to convert this building into a socialist colony.

to visit the project's blog go here. http://skydiveofficeofculturalaffairs.blogspot.com/

Monday, November 16, 2009


Treat (or Trick) is in a new show called Reciproidad organised by Loreto Garin Guzmán and Federico Zukerfeld. at the Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires. For more information go to: Aireshttp://reciprocidadproyecto.wordpress.com/

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Film Sceening, Amsterdam

What Would It Mean To Win? is being screened at Outpost a new squatted artist run space in Amsterdam. Below is their post and weblink:

Outpost is a newly squatted artist run exhibition space in Slootervaart, a suburb of Amsterdam, which was squatted on october 11th 2009 with help from the kind people of kraak spreekuur west. It is situated on August Allebeplein in what used to be a thai restaurant on Jan Tooropstraat 35, which was standing empty since may 1st 2005. It is currently owned by Field Willow Real Estate Investments BV, which is a london based company, and if the city council of Slotervaart will approve of the plans to rebuild August Allebeplein it will be demoslished within a couple of years, probably in the end of 2011, but maybe later in 2012. We expect to stay until the end, but as we speak the Dutch government is busy with a new law banning squatting, in which case it is unclear what will happen. In the mean time we will try out best to share the space with you by organizing art exhibitions, film nights, dinners etc. Hope to see you around!

For more information click here.